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Nursery School

at the Samuel Field Y

The Nursery School at the Samuel Field Y is designed to meet the learning, social and emotional
needs of children ages 2.9 through the Pre-Kindergarten Year.

What you might see: Twos - learning how plants grow, how to make the color purple, importance
of sharing, and strengthening of vocabulary.

Threes - Understanding concepts like hibernation, the development of a chrysalis from a caterpillar,
how tall is a giant penguin, and how to measure.

Fours - Demonstrate ability to compare literature and understand stories, learn how to write and
read their names, understand professions, and increase proficiency in computer skills.

Nursery options include 2 day, 3 day, and 5 day programs, with extended hours available for families
that work late.

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"My child was introduced to nature and science experience through her nursery curriculum which included real experiences with ladybugs, butterflies and more." - Cindy, mom of nursery student.