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Staff Directory

Name Title
Jeri Mendelsohn, LCSW Executive Vice President & CEO
Aaron Rosenfeld, JD Executive Director
Nancy Amalfitano, MS, Ed Director, Physical Education & Recreation
Madlen Asfar Assistant Teacher
Gary Babad, LCSW Director, Clearview Assistance Program
Mindy Baron Deepdale NORC
Ana Barzvi Assistant Teacher, Early Childhood
Lee Berenson MIS
Kayla Marie BiMonte Assistant Director, SONYC at P.S. 178
Darlene Brennan, LCSW Director, NORC WOW
Felice Buatti, BA Teacher
Eileen Byrne Assistant Teacher
Norma Calero Billing Clerk, CAPE
Patricia Campo, MS, SAS, SDA Director of Early Childhood Programs, Little Neck
Chander Chandna Chief Financial Officer
Marilyn Chapman Assistant Teacher
Carmen Concha Assistant Teacher
Jamie Cooperman, BA Director, Respite Program
Marcy Cuscione Receptionist, Bay Terrace
Jordana Davidson, LMSW Social worker, Partners in Caring, Connect-to-Care, Engage, A Time for Us
Julie DeLorenzo, BA Academic Summer Enrichment Coordinator
Gail Deutsch, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE
Sam Diaz Director, COMPASS at P.S. 178
Ellen Factor, MA Teacher
Adam Fier Director of Administration
Stephen Figurasmith Cultural Arts Director
Shirley Fisher Peer Advocate, CAPE
Donna Fuchs, BA Associate Teacher
Andrea Gavora, BA Program Assistant
Yvonne Gelbord, LCSW Clinical Director, NORC WOW
Sheryl Gershon, MA Teacher
Tom M. Giblin Jr. Administrative Assistant
Kallyope Glotsos Social Worker - Deepdale CARES
Jana Goldman Ryan Director of Development
Linda Grant, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE
Laura Greenblatt, LCSW Director, Deepdale NORC
Chris Griffin Maintenance
Lenny Habasinski Transportation/Maintenance Services
Glynis Harrison, BA Program Coordinator, Advantage After School Program, PS/IS 266Q
Eileen Hausthor, BA Office Manager, Bay Terrace
Danielle Hersch, LMSW Program Director, Youth and Camping Services
Claudia Hillie Peer Advocate
Shelley Hoffman, LCSW Social Worker, MOST
Joanne Huttner, MS Teacher
Debra Ilberman, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE
Charlene Ingber Program Assistant / Secretary
Baile Jaffe, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE
Sarit Kraes, BBA Human Resources
Leila Kundrat Site Director, O.S.T. at P.S. 21
Roberta Landau Secretary
Craig Lastres, MA Bay Terrace Pool Club Manager
Marilyn Levinson Assistant Teacher
Kimberly Malito, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE
Sabina Maraj Billing Manager
Gerrie Mayerhoff, MS, PD Co-Director, Special Services Program/Director, C.H.I.L.D.
Elizabeth McArdle Coordinator of Workforce Initiatives
Danielle McCoy Site Director, O.S.T. at P.S. 55
Shelley Millar Bookkeeper, Bay Terrace
Martenia Miller Site Director, Beacon M.S. 158Q
Enid Miller, LCSW Director, Partner Abuse Counseling Program
Jared Mintz Interactive Marketing Coordinator
Alfredo Montoya Transportation/Maintenance Services
Marcy Mostel, MD Medical Director, CAPE
Jose Negron IT Specialist
Nicole Oliva Site Director, COMPASS at P.S. 169
Valentina Ovalle Site Director, Bay Terrace Pool and Tennis Center
Doreen Parham Secretary, Clearview Assistance Program
Ryan Peters Director of Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village
Rachel Piekarsky, MA Teacher
Alexander Pineiro, MA Site Director Beacon Program MS 172Q
Alissa Pizzutiello, LCSW Director, Early State Dementia Program
Marisa Plotkin, MSW Coordinator, Connect-To-Care
Michelle Ragoo Site Director, O.S.T. at P.S. 115
Richard Rampartap Assistant Director, O.S.T. at P.S./I.S. 266
Shari Rebhun Director of Early Childhood Programs, Bay Terrace
Lisa Rumsky, BS Fiscal Secretary
Jessica Sanchez Assistant Director, Physical Education
Rich Scaccio Facilities Manager
Danielle Schaefer Coordinator, Youth & Adolescent Services
Karen Schwab, LCSW Director, Older Adult Services
Phyllis Schwartz, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE
John Schwendel Transportation Coordinator
Belle Shawn Director, Personnel/MIS
Nina Shmuel Accounts Receivable
Daniel Sieber, LCSW Most Coordinator
Lauretta Silverman, MS Teacher
Sheila Simon Program Assistant, Respite Program
Fran Sisselman Assistant Teacher
David Slotnick, LMSW Program Director, Community Based Youth and Adolescent Services
Sheila Slotnick, MA Teacher
Amanda Smith, LMSW Director of Community Based Programs for Special Populations
Ann Staines, MS Teacher
Alan Stark, MA Coordinator, Beacon Services
Mila Streltsoff, MA, MSW Clearview Assistance Program
Anita Swerdin Peer Advocate, CAPE, Connect-To-Care
Beth Tipperman, LCSW Social Worker, CAPE/Connect-To-Care/PIC
Robin J. Topol, LCSW Director, Special Services Program
Michael Upston, LCSW Director, CAPE
Liliana Villafane Maintenance Services
Maria Villasane Maintenance Services
Joann Weiner Assistant Teacher
Sarah Werber, LMSW Program Director, Single Parent Initiative
Maria Yackanicz Secretary, Early Childhood
Ilene Yair, LMSW Comprehensive Senior Center

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