Monday, December 10, 2018

Samuel Field Y and Central Queens Y complete merger, move forward as Commonpoint Queens

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Queens NY, Nov. 27 – After announcing the intent to merge in the Summer of 2016, the Samuel Field Y in Little Neck and the Central Queens Y in Forest Hills merged effective July 1, 2018. Together, these two agencies serve more than 45,000 residents at 52 locations throughout Queens, and in an effort to reflect this synergy, the newly merged agency’s name is now Commonpoint Queens.

Prior to merging, the Samuel Field Y (founded in 1954) and the Central Queens Y (which began serving the borough of Queens in 1973) were jointly managed, working closely together to deliver programs and services to the greater Queens community for almost ten years. As two of the largest social service agencies in Queens, they have offered early childhood programs, summer camps, senior services, mental health resources, support during times of crisis by means of career help and a food pantry, health and wellness programs, and everything in between.

“In just the last year, this merger has allowed us the opportunity to expand our reach, to promote fairness in our neighborhoods, to meet the evolving needs of our borough, and to more effectively reinforce that we are a “commonpoint” for the diverse population of Queens to come together,” said Danielle Ellman, Commonpoint Queens’ CEO.

The formal merger of the agencies has enabled Commonpoint Queens to pool their human capital resources and capabilities. With greater scale, they have been able to advocate for community needs and harness philanthropic resources more effectively and thus, have a greater impact on the communities that they serve. Over the past two years, they’ve added new programs at nearly 20 locations across the borough, increasing their annual client base from 35,000 to nearly 45,000.

“You can be assured that the individuals and families that these two community mainstays serve will not notice any change in the quality of the programs and services currently offered,” said Larry Gottlieb, Commonpoint Queens’ Board Chair. “In fact, Commonpoint Queens will be able to increase the programs and services offered, as we’re continually innovating and responding to the needs of the community.”

Commonpoint Queens will continue the long-standing tradition of hosting their annual Winter Celebrations /Chanukah Festivals, at both Commonpoint Queens’ Central Queens and at Commonpoint Queens’ Sam Field Center, on Sunday, December 9th, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

For more information on Commonpoint Queens, you can visit their website, which will be updated in the immediate future to provide answers to frequently asked questions and updates.


More About Commonpoint Queens:

Commonpoint Queens is a social services organization that meets the diverse and evolving needs in the borough of Queens —a place where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to find support, access opportunities, and build connections to the community throughout their lives.

Guided by the Jewish values of service and justice, they were founded to support the local Jewish community, which they continue to do today. As the demographics have evolved over six decades, they have extended their reach in the community across 52 sites in Queens, including the Sam Field Center and Central Queens, where many of their programs are based.

You can come to Commonpoint Queens for early childhood programs, summer camp, senior services, mental health resources, support during times of crisis, health and wellness, and everything in between. You will not only find programs that meet your individual needs, but you will be investing in a community that supports people across the entire borough. Visit to be a part of their community.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Camp Poyntelle to Consolidate Space, Secure Future Boost in Affordability, Infrastructure Also Among Changes

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Camp Poyntelle to Consolidate Space, Secure Future
Boost in Affordability, Infrastructure Also Among Changes
‘We Have Ensured Best Camp Practices for Generations to Come’

Children enjoying the beautiful 71-acre private Lake Poyntelle

New York, Sept. 6 – Camp Poyntelle proudly announced that as of next summer, its teens will join the full camp community in a newly constructed, purpose built teen village on main camp. This allows for stronger, more vibrant connections between the oldest and youngest campers, and more robust program options for all. It also enables Camp Poyntelle to offer reduced rates for summer 2019, providing a more affordable option to families making - often expensive - Jewish choices for their families.

“We continue to move from strength to strength,” said Larry Gottlieb, chairman of the board of the Samuel Field Y of Queens, which operates the pluralistic Jewish camp situated on land owned by UJA-Federation of New York. “We have worked closely for the past year with both Federation and the Foundation for Jewish Camp to reimagine aspects of the camp, while preserving longtime traditions.”

The co-educational camp will also now be known as Camp Poyntelle, rather than Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village, to reflect the consolidation of the “two-sided” 71-acre lakefront property in Pennsylvania. The campus for older youths, previously known as “Lewis Village,” will now be rented out to vetted organizations, providing revenue in support of Camp Poyntelle's facilities, program and tuition assistance for needy families. A new teen area, to be named “Lewis Village” in keeping with camp tradition, is among the capital improvements planned for Camp Poyntelle, which serves youths ages 6 to 16.

Other planned infrastructure changes include a large, multi-sport, field expansion, an exciting aquapark playground for the waterfront and new climbing elements for the “Outdoor Adventure” area.

In connection with these measured changes, Camp Poyntelle leaders expect camp enrollment to grow progressively to 500 campers, said Danielle Ellman, President and CEO of the Samuel Field Y. “We approached all decision-making holistically and were conscious that Jewish camp results in transformative experiences, lifelong relationships, and stronger ties to Judaism and Israel.”

Camp Poyntelle, established in 1947 and situated on land owned by UJA-Federation of New York, will continue to expand its enrollment by reaching additional unaffiliated Jewish families and by instituting a price “rollback.” It also will increase the number of campers by leveraging its specialty programming in athletics, waterfront activities, theater and the visual arts, and science and technology (“imagineering”).

The camp promotes a creative environment with an emphasis on both play and mindfulness, as evidenced in offerings such as dog walking and small-group yoga and book clubs. Camp Poyntelle also prides itself on its sense of community, as well as the Jewish concepts of loving kindness, joy and leadership.

“By ensuring best camp practices for generations to come, we will improve our facilities, programming, enrollment and financial health,” said Ryan Peters, director of Camp Poyntelle. 

“For instance, instead of having two separate infirmaries and kitchen areas, we will now have one, freeing up funds for other services and program offerings,” Peters said.  

Gottlieb said, “We remain deeply committed to making Jewish summer camp more affordable.” To that end, Camp Poyntelle will become more financially accessible to a larger pool of families, who may have previously considered sleepaway camp “out of reach,” he added.

Poyntelle is already part of the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s funded One Happy Camper program, which makes up to a $1,000 gift to eligible new campers, regardless of need.

Plans for the camp also include additional marketing and fund-raising efforts and a reinvigorated camp alumni committee.

“These changes to camp are much anticipated,” said Mark Newfield, a Samuel Field Y board member, and alumnus and former director of Camp Poyntelle. “I spent many unforgettable summers at Poyntelle, which still feels like my second home.”

The latest news about Camp Poyntelle is routinely updated at A new website is set to launch in October.


More About Camp Poyntelle and the Samuel Field Y

Camp Poyntelle, established in 1947, is a pluralistic Jewish overnight camp situated on a 71-acre lakefront property in Poyntelle, Pa. It offers youths ages 6 to 16 a life-changing summer experience as well as outstanding programming in both traditional and specialty areas. For more information, see

The camp has been operated since 1997 by the Samuel Field Y, a social services organization for the diverse borough of Queens. The Samuel Field Y, which merged July 1 with the Central Queens Y, conducts programs at 52 sites across the borough. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New for Summer 2018

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With Summer 2018 rapidly approaching, we can hardly contain our excitement to share with you a glimpse of some of our new and innovative additions to camp this year.

Without further adieu:
Here are some of the features that your children will be enjoying on a daily basis:
- A BRAND NEW Gaga Pit

Gaga's unquestionably become the most popular sport at HKC the last few years (if not always), and campers will get to enjoy a new and improved pit with cooler features than ever before.
It's a favorite of after-school programs and game lounges, and now we're bringing it to camp...powered by campers! Think soccer, but you can only move from side to side...without bumping into your teammates. Human Foosball's been widely embraced at sleepaway camps across the country, and we can't wait to introduce it at HKC this summer!
For decades, special playgrounds in the U.K. have given children free rein. Now, the concept of "adventure play" is slowly spreading in the U.S., but these playgrounds, which look more like junk yards, will require new thinking about what play and childhood are supposed to look like. These playgrounds are aimed to help children improve decision-making skills, while also playing in a different, more engaging manner. 

Lego Robotics with Bricks 4 Kidz & A coding elective for campers who want to learn coding!
Technology isn't just the future, it's the now! This program promotes creative thinking, teamwork & collaboration, while helping to improve problem-solving skills.
And more!
If you haven't enrolled yet, what are you waiting for?!?  Sign up now!

And don't forget about our Camper Referral Bonus - When you recommend a child  to the Y who signs up for camp for the first time, you receive a $100 finder’s fee - per child. The following conditions must apply: the child must be new to the Y, completed their entire session, paid tuition in full, and not be receiving financial assistance.

We can't wait to see you!

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